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3 reasons you need to be at CyberSec&AI Connected this October

Deep dive into the benefits of attending this year’s essential AI and privacy event

Partnerships and collaborations drive progress and technological advances. With travel restrictions continuing around the world and uncertainty around when we will be again able to regularly meet in person, it is vital that those working and researching in the fields of AI, ML, and cybersecurity remain connected. 

As a virtual event, CyberSec&AI Connected (8th October) offers a simple but effective way to stay abreast of the latest thinking and research from wherever you’re located. 

Here’s why you should join us this October.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry 

CyberSec&AI Connected draws in forward thinkers, researchers, and experts at the intersection of AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity from both academia and industry. 

AI and cybersecurity conferences which bring tech professionals and academics together are rare. CyberSec&AI Connected’s agenda is built to serve both groups. It’s a platform where people can come together as a community, share research, exchange ideas, form relationships, and discuss the key topics around AI for privacy and security.

The main conference agenda features speakers from McAfee, Microsoft, Cisco, and Avast, and professors from UC Berkeley, Oxford University, EPFL (Switzerland), and King’s College London. Alongside the main conference track is a packed technical workshop program (which includes live Q&As with presenters) and a panel discussion on ‘Tackling Bias in AI’. 

Catch a glimpse of what’s on the agenda.

Conference speaker presentations:

  • ‘Our Cyber-rights in Times of Crisis’ – a fireside chat with Garry Kasparov, Chess Grandmaster and Avast Security Ambasador 
  • Intriguing Properties of Adversarial ML Attacks in the Problem Space’ – Lorenzo Cavallaro, Professor at King’s College London
  • ‘Creating, Weaponizing, and Detecting Deep Fakes’ – Hany Farid, Professor at EECS & ISchool, UC Berkeley
  • ‘Privacy in the Time of Covid-19: On Building a Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing’ Carmella Troncoso, Professor at EPFL

Workshop presentations:

  • ‘Revisiting Concept Drift Detection in Malware Classification’ – academia – Feargus Pendlebury, PhD Researcher at King’s College London
  • ‘The Current State of AI Generated Text Detection’ – industry – Sherin Mary Mathews, Senior Data Scientist at McAfee

All the content, all the convenience 

Virtual conferences offer the same access to great content and research as physical conferences. Additionally, for those who have trouble freeing time up to travel to events, they eliminate your time away from home along with the associated travel costs. 

Virtual events have evolved rapidly in recent years and this hosting platform enables intimate engagement with speakers, workshop presenters, panelists and, through networking rooms, fellow delegates. Our Virtual Library also offers unlimited access to all content after the event (including recordings of all workshops and presentations), so you can revisit topics of interest or catch up on anything you missed live.

Building connections in the ‘new normal’

The virtual world is here to stay. The events of 2020 have accelerated the need to balance physical networking with online interaction, not only for conferences, but in the way we work, study, and research in the future. It is more important than ever for academics and professionals alike to learn how to stay as humanly connected as possible in a virtual space while staying informed. 

CyberSec&AI Connected offers such a virtual space for the community as a whole to network and practice making connections while deep diving into the most pressing topics related to AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity. 

Partnerships and collaborations drive progress. Let’s stay connected.

Secure your virtual seat at CyberSec&AI Connected. Visit our booking page to check out our 3 for 2 access offer and our special academic discount offer.


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