AI for privacy protection and security

With CyberSec&AI Connected accessible virtually from anywhere in the world, delegates have the chance to build connections with peers from all corners of the globe.

A global community at the heart of AI, cybersecurity and privacy protection

CyberSec&AI Connected is an award-winning annual international conference which brings together the global AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity communities — facilitating the exchange of ideas, information, and insight on AI for privacy and security.

CyberSec&AI Connected provides a virtual platform for speakers from around the world to connect with like-minded people to discuss and share insights, research, both hopes and worries about the future, and the challenges and solutions they are working through today.

By joining us in November, you can get insight into the latest thinking, research, and case studies in this critical area.

Topics of Interest

  • Differential privacy
  • Privacy-preserving AI
  • Decentralized AI
  • Digital Identity
  • Bias in AI
  • Using AI to detect fake news / deepfakes
  • Election security, privacy, and trust
  • Botnets and AI for manipulating digital consensus
  • AI for cyber threat intelligence
  • Advanced persistent threats
  • AIoT

Video Gallery

CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 brought the AI and cybersecurity community together in what the AI Awards recognized as the ‘Event of the Year’. 

Conference highlights

Get up-to-date knowledge and insight from both industry and academia

You’ll hear from speakers on the front lines of the battle against cybercrime and see how data and privacy concerns are redefining our digital battlefield, while getting a glimpse into the research and theory that will power tomorrow’s cybersecurity and AI.

Deep dive into presentations from experts

Our technical workshops provide a platform for cybersecurity practitioners and researchers to deep dive into the latest research, technology, and case studies around AI and machine learning in cybersecurity and privacy.

Take part in interactive panel sessions

Interactive panel sessions and presentations allow attendees to engage with speaking experts from forward-thinking companies, research centers, non-profit institutions, as well as journalists and leading thinkers.

Access conference content during and after the event

The entire conference is broadcast live. If you can't attend the conference live, that’s ok. All presentations will be available in our virtual library along with useful materials, reports, and studies for download during and after the conference.

Become a partner

Our mission is to bring together diverse groups of AI, machine learning, and security experts from industry, academia, and the public sector. Become part of CyberSec&AI Connected and connect with professionals and practitioners in your field.

Institutions that attend

University of Michigan wh
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University of Texas at El Paso wh
Universidad Carlos III de Mardrid wh
The University of Sheffield wh
Universita di Genova wh
University of Potsdam wh
Universitat Munchen wh

Our History

CyberSec&AI Connected was launched by Avast and Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) in 2019 to provide a forum to bring together the AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity communities. Building on its successful and award-winning physical debut in 2019, CyberSec&AI Connected now operates as a virtual conference, allowing a professional audience to come together and engage with their peers from around the world.

In 2021, The Private AI Collaborative Research Institute was invited to cooperate with us, expanding the program board with additional AI experts.

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