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“Even during a pandemic, the CyberSec&AI 2020 event was able to shorten the global distance between cybersecurity and machine learning experts one more time!

It was so delightful and inspiring to discuss with other people in these fields, and I felt honored to be part of such an important event. Looking forward to the 2021 edition!

Luca Demetrio


Università degli Studi di Genova


“I found the sessions extremely informative and engaging. The online networking sessions provided an excellent opportunity for those with a common interest to e-meet up, discuss, collaborate in an informal way.”

Sherin Mathews




“The amount of work put in by organizers was very evident. CyberSec&AI is a very professionally orchestrated conference. It was my pleasure to participate.”

Hyrum Anderson




CyberSecAI has been the best virtual conference experience I’ve had. Throughout the day, the speakers did an excellent job of presenting a diverse range of interesting and applicable topics of AI/ML use in the security space in a clear, intuitive manner. As always a highlight of in-person events, I enjoyed connecting and discussing my talk and other talks with my peers.

Bobby Filar


Elastic Security