Avast Team, May 19, 2020

Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov set for keynote speaker role at CyberSec&AI Connected 2020 

Chess Grandmaster and Avast Security Ambassador, Garry Kasparov, and Roger Dingledine, Director, Researcher and Co-founder, Tor Project, will be the keynote speakers for CyberSec&AI Connected 2020. This year’s conference theme focuses on the use of AI for privacy and security.

A passionate advocate for technology and AI, Kasparov first discovered the potential of AI in his legendary chess matches against the supercomputer Deep Blue during his reign as world champion. 

Kasparov is a provocative speaker whose lectures focus on human-machine collaboration. Also a highly-respected writer and author, his influential writings on politics, cognition, and tech have appeared in dozens of major publications around the world. 

Roger Dingledine is president and co-founder of the Tor Project, a hugely respected nonprofit organisation that develops free and open source software to protect people from tracking, censorship, and surveillance online.

Among his achievements, DIngledine was chosen by the MIT Technology Review as one of its top 35 innovators under 35, he co-authored the Tor design paper that won the Usenix Security ‘Test of Time’ award, and he has been recognized by Foreign Policy magazine as one of its top 100 global thinkers.

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