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CyberSec&AI Connected was launched in 2019 by Avast and Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) to provide a forum to bring together the AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity communities from industry and academia.

Building on its successful and award-winning physical debut in 2019, CyberSec&AI Connected now operates as a virtual conference, allowing a professional audience to come together and engage with their peers from around the world. In 2021, The Private AI Collaborative Research Institute was invited to cooperate with us, expanding the program board with additional AI experts.

A global community at the heart of AI and cybersecurity

Meet our past speakers

Leading academics and tech professionals from around the world
examined critical issues around AI for privacy and cybersecurity.
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Michal Pechoucek
CTO at Avast and AI Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague
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Dingledine min
Roger Dingledine
President, Researcher and Co-founder at the Tor Project
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Kasparov min
Garry Kasparov
Chess Grandmaster and Avast Security Ambassador
Halderman min
Alex Halderman
Professor at the University of Michigan
University of Michigan
Grossglauser min
Matthias Grossglauser
Associate Professor at EPFL Switzerland
Fralick min
Celeste Fralick
Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Data Scientist at McAfee
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Papernot min
Nicolas Papernot
Assistant Professor and Canada CIFAR AI Chair
university of toronto
Kumar min
Samir Kumar
Managing Director at M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund
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Durumeric min
Zakir Durumeric
Assistant Professor at the Stanford University
Stanford University

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CyberSec&AI Prague 2019
Recap video
CyberSec&AI Connected 2020
Welcome speech
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What past speakers and attendees have to say
about CyberSec&AI Connected

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“CyberSec&AI 2020 has been the best virtual conference experience I‘ve had. Throughout the day, the speakers did an excellent job of presenting a diverse range of interesting and applicable topics of AI/ML use in the security space in a clear, intuitive manner. As always a highlight of in-person events, I enjoyed connecting and discussing my talk and other talks with my peers.”
Bobby Filar
Lead Data Scientist at Elastic Security
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“Cybersec & AI Prague 2019 was a great success. It was an honor for me to give a talk in front of such a large number of professionals and researchers both from industry and academia, and a great opportunity to discuss how to use AI to improve cutting-edge technologies to fight cybercrime.”
Battista Biggio
Assistant Professor at the University of Cagliari
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“I had a great time at CyberSec&AI 2019. The organization was flawless, making it possible to have many quality conversations with other speakers and attendees throughout the day.”
Nicolas Papernot
Assistant Professor and Canada CIFAR AI Chair at the University of Toronto and Vector Institute
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“I was absolutely delighted to participate in the event. I particularly liked the speakers who were very interesting, dynamic, and clear with their presentations that also encouraged interactions. From a technical point of view, I appreciated the succession of the sessions and also the fact that the time schedules were perfectly respected.”
David Côme
Journalist at Pirate Informatique France
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