Conference Speaker 2021

Bret Hartman

Security Expert


Bret Hartman has over thirty years of experience building information security solutions for major enterprises. His expertise includes cloud, virtualization, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services security, policy development and management, and security modeling and analysis. Mr. Hartman has spoken at dozens of security and privacy industry events and is a recognized authority on distributed systems security.

As Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Bret Hartman was responsible for defining the corporate security technology strategy for Cisco, as implemented by the Security Business Group. Prior to Cisco, Bret Hartman was Chief Technology Officer of RSA and an EMC Fellow, where he defined the security technology strategy for EMC. This strategy drove the acquisitions of RSA Security, Network Intelligence, Tablus, Archer, and NetWitness; and the creation of RSA, the Security Division of EMC, now generating $1B of revenue.

Bret Hartman’s previous roles include Director of Technical Services for SOA Appliances at IBM Corporation; Vice President of Technology Solutions at DataPower Technology Inc. (acquired by IBM); Chief Technology Officer at Quadrasis Security (Hitachi Computer Products); Vice President, e-Security Services and Chief Security Architect at Concept Five Technology; President and Co-Founder of BlackWatch Technology Inc; and Director of Information Security at Odyssey Research Associates. Mr. Hartman began his distinguished career as a U.S. Air Force officer assigned to the U.S. National Security Agency. At the U.S. National Security Agency Mr. Hartman helped to create the “DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria” (Orange Book). Mr. Hartman was a co-author of Object Management Group’s CORBA Security specification and co-edited the Security Scenarios document produced by the WS-I Basic Security Profile Working Group. Mr. Hartman also co-authored “Mastering Web Services Security” (Wiley 2003), “Enterprise Security with EJB and CORBA” (Wiley 2001), and US patent 6,807,636: “Methods and Apparatus for Facilitating Security in a Network”.

Bret Hartman holds a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.



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Chief Information Security Officer at Avast

Bret Hartman

Security Expert

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Professor of Computer Science at the University College London

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