Conference Speaker 2021

David Freeman

​​Anti-Abuse Research Scientist and Engineer at Facebook


David Freeman is a research scientist/engineer at Facebook working on spam and abuse problems. He previously led anti-abuse engineering and data science teams at LinkedIn, where he built statistical models to detect fraud and abuse and worked with the larger machine learning community at LinkedIn to build scalable modeling and scoring infrastructure. 

He is an author, presenter, and organizer at international conferences on machine learning and security, and has published more than twenty academic papers on mathematical and statistical aspects of computer security. He holds a PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley and did postdoctoral research in cryptography and security at CWI and Stanford University.



Expert panel

Live Q&A

Apostolos Malatras

Team Leader, Knowledge and Information at EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

Reza Shokri

Assistant Professor at The National University of Singapore

David Freeman

​​Anti-Abuse Research Scientist and Engineer at Facebook

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