Conference Speaker 2021

Miroslav Umlauf

Chief Data Officer at Avast


Miroslav Umlauf is a Chief Data Officer at Avast with over 18 years of experience in connecting data, people, and technologies. Miroslav studied Strategy and Execution at IMD, Lausanne, and participated in the creation of a data-centric study program at Prague University of Economics. He is focused on both offensive and defensive aspects of a data strategy including technical aspects of privacy and security by design. Father of three, musician and sportsman by heart.




Live Q&A

Michal Pechoucek

CTO at Avast and AI Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague

Miroslav Umlauf

Chief Data Officer at Avast


Expert panel

Live Q&A

Reza Shokri

Assistant Professor at The National University of Singapore

David Freeman

​​Anti-Abuse Research Scientist and Engineer at Facebook

Frida Polli

Co-Founder & CEO of pymetrics

Micah Sheller

Machine Learning Research Scientist at Intel

Miroslav Umlauf

Chief Data Officer at Avast

Avast Research Lab

The Avast Research Lab runs innovative projects in all areas of digital safety, from advanced threat detection, to delivering better privacy and identity protection, and much more. We employ state-of-the-art AI solutions to counter the ever accelerating growth of emergent threats through a combination of in-house expertise, academic cooperation, and publicly available research.