Past Conference Speaker

Taher Elgamal

CTO, Security at Salesforce


Taher Elgamal is an internationally respected information security leader and cryptographer. He is recognized as the “father of SSL” for the work he did in computer security while working at Netscape, which helped in establishing private and secure communications on the Internet.

Taher is also known for his 1985 paper entitled “A Public Key Cryptosystem and A Signature Scheme Based on Discrete Logarithms”, in which he proposed the design of the ElGamal discrete log cryptosystem and of the ElGamal signature scheme.[2] The latter scheme became the basis for Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the Digital Signature Standard (DSS). He has also participated in the “SET” credit card payment protocol,[3] plus a number of Internet payment schemes.

Taher Elgamal is a CTO, Security at Salesforce.



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Michal Pechoucek

CTO at Avast and AI Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague

Taher Elgamal

CTO, Security at Salesforce

Darren Shou

Head of Technology at NortonLifeLock

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