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Leading academics and tech professionals from around the world examined critical issues around AI for privacy and cybersecurity.

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CyberSec & AI Prague 2019 brought the AI and cybersecurity community together in what the AI Awards recognized as the ‘Event of the Year’.

Meet our past speakers

Michal Pechoucek min
Michal Pechoucek
CTO and AI Professor
Czech Technical University in Prague
Dingledine min
Roger Dingledine
President, Researcher and Co-founder
Tor Project
Kasparov min
Garry Kasparov
Chess Grandmaster and Avast Security Ambassador
Halderman min
Alex Halderman
University of Michigan
Grossglauser min
Matthias Grossglauser
Associate Professor
EPFL Switzerland
Fralick min
Celeste Fralick
Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Data Scientist
Papernot min
Nicolas Papernot
Assistant Professor and Canada CIFAR AI Chair
University of Toronto and Vector Institiute
Kumar min
Samir Kumar
Managing Director
M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund
Durumeric min
Zakir Durumeric
Assistant Professor
Stanford University
Farid min
Hany Farid
EECS & I School, UC Berkeley
Thompson min
Clive Thompson
Author and Columnist
Mathews min
Sherin Mary Mathews
Senior Data Scientist
Troncoso min
Carmela Troncoso
EPFL Switzerland
Gupta min
Rajarshi Gupta
AI Expert at Amazon Web Service
Amazon Web Services
Filar min
Bobby Filar
Lead Data Scientist
Elastic Security
Anderson min
Hyrum Anderson
Principal Architect
Brabec min
Jan Brabec
Lead ML Researcher
Cavallaro 1 min
Lorenzo Cavallaro
Professor of Computer Science, Chair in Cybersecurity (Systems Security)
King’s College London
Sharkey min
Noel Sharkey
Emeritus Professor of Robotics and AI
The University of Sheffield
Biggio min
Battista Biggio
Assistant Professor
University of Cagliari
House min
Amanda House
Data Scientist
Kiekintveld min
Christopher Kiekintveld
Associate Professor
University of Texas at El Paso
Lisy min
Viliam Lisy
Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Professor
Czech Technical University in Prague
Wachter min
Sandra Wachter
Associate Professor
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Mazan min
Filip Mazan
Software Engineer
Rigaki min
Maria Rigaki
Ph.D. Student
Czech Technical University in Prague
Pierazzi min
Fabio Pierazzi
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
King’s College London
Bim min
Jan Bim
Ph.D. Researcher
Czech Technical University in Prague
Prasse min
Paul Prasse
University of Potsdam
Demetrio min
Luca Demetrio
PhD Student
Università degli Studi di Genova
Pendlebury min
Feargus Pendlebury
PhD Researcher
King’s College London
Durkota min
Karel Durkota
Senior Researcher
Neuron Soundware
Petracek min
Vojtech Petracek
Czech Technical University in Prague
Afroz min
Sadia Afroz
Senior Researcher
International Computer Science Institute UC Berkeley
Greenstadt min
Rachel Greenstadt
Associate Professor
New York University

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