November 4 - Conference day

Security panel

AI for cybersecurity: what are the next revolutions, and where will they stop?


What is next for AI in cybersecurity? AI has been at the core of mature cybersecurity products for years now, and researchers are promising new and more powerful AI algorithms and models with capabilities that will vastly overperform the current ones. Will this bring a new transformation in the cybersecurity industry?

While new text prediction models like the GPT series and advanced specialized models like AlphaZero and AlphaFold have been hugely successful for their applications, cybersecurity exists in a complex interaction between computer engineering, socioeconomic behavior, and international legislation. What are the limitations of AI approaches in this field, and instead what new revolutions can we hope for?

Join the expert panel on AI’s role in the future of cybersecurity, starting from identifying the roadblocks and difficulties in finding new solutions in a mature market and moving towards the newer promising approaches and ideas that will change the cybersecurity landscape once again. All of which leads to the question: Can cybersecurity be fully automated, or are there limits we will never cross?

Brad Miller
Software engineer at Google
Bret Hartman
Security Expert
Jaya Baloo
Chief Information Security Officer at Avast
Lorenzo Cavallaro
Professor of Computer Science at the University College London
Rajarshi Gupta
General Manager, Machine Learning Services at Amazon Web Services

Avast Research Lab

The Avast Research Lab runs innovative projects in all areas of digital safety, from advanced threat detection, to delivering better privacy and identity protection, and much more. We employ state-of-the-art AI solutions to counter the ever accelerating growth of emergent threats through a combination of in-house expertise, academic cooperation, and publicly available research.