November 4 - Conference day

Expert panel

AI’s role in the future of personal data privacy


The availability of massive amounts of data, coupled with high-performance cloud computing platforms, has driven significant progress in artificial intelligence and, in particular, machine learning and optimization. However, the use of rich data sets also raises significant privacy concerns: They often reveal personal sensitive information that can be exploited, without the knowledge and/or consent of the involved individuals, for various purposes. This raises questions: What does the cybersecurity industry do with this, and is it possible to collect data just for good reasons?

Join the expert panel on AI’s role in the future of personal data privacy, focusing on both the theoretical and practical challenges and risks related to the design of privacy-preserving AI systems and attacks on data privacy. We will also talk about attack vectors for privacy, and small data leaks that lead to big consequences.

Miroslav Umlauf
Chief Data Officer at Avast
Micah Sheller
Machine Learning Research Scientist at Intel
David Freeman
​​Anti-Abuse Research Scientist and Engineer at Facebook
Reza Shokri
Assistant Professor at The National University of Singapore
Frida Polli
Co-Founder & CEO of pymetrics

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