November 4 - Conference day


Building towards a Responsible Data Economy


Data is a key driver of the modern economy and AI/machine learning, however, a lot of this data is sensitive, and handling the sensitive data has caused unprecedented challenges for both individuals and businesses. These challenges will only get more severe as we move forward in the digital era. In this talk, I will talk about technologies needed for responsible data use including secure computing, differential privacy, federated learning, as well as blockchain technologies for data rights, and how to combine privacy computing technologies and blockchain to build a platform for a responsible data economy, to enable more responsible use of data that maximizes social welfare & economic efficiency while protecting users’ data rights and enable fair distribution of value created from data.
Dawn Song
Professor in Computer Science at UC Berkeley

Avast Research Lab

The Avast Research Lab runs innovative projects in all areas of digital safety, from advanced threat detection, to delivering better privacy and identity protection, and much more. We employ state-of-the-art AI solutions to counter the ever accelerating growth of emergent threats through a combination of in-house expertise, academic cooperation, and publicly available research.