November 4 - Conference day


Personal Data Protection, Economics, and Consumer Behavior: Lessons Learned from Empirical Research


Alessandro Acquisti will connect together and draw implications from three streams of empirical research: the economics of privacy and personal data; the investigation of consumer decision making and consumer behavior in the realm of data protection; and the application of data mining to the analysis of social media privacy threats — as well as privacy solutions.  In so doing, Alessandro will attempt to tackle issues at the intersection of technology and policy — such as the extent to which individuals ultimately care for digital privacy, and what we know about the allocation, across different stakeholders, of the value accrued from the collection and analysis of vast troves of personal data.

  • 2min intro chat with moderator
  • 35min presentation
  • 8min live Q&A with moderator
Alessandro Acquisti
Privacy Economist & Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy at the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Avast Research Lab

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